Some of the types of litigation we can undertake for you

• Personal disputes and problem neighbours
• Injunctions or other personal relationship problems
• Collection of debt
• Late payment of invoices and other business issues
• Landlord and tenant disputes
• Planning issues.

We are here to help you to determine if you have a civil case

Here is brief explanation of Civil law

Civil law covers the failure of people to protect others from harm. This is known as having a “duty of care”. If the Duty of Care has been breached and injury has been caused to another person, it will be covered by civil law. Examples of this may be where an employer has a duty of care to ensure that their employees are safe while at work. If they fail, they may be prosecuted. The outcome of a civil case is often damages or compensation paid to the wronged party. This may also take the form of remedial action to put the wrong right. Sometimes a case may result in an injunction preventing that person from contacting the claimant for a set period. Civil law cases are heard in County Courts, generally, Civil Claims are not too costly to pursue.

It saves you money, time and stress if you settle your matter out of court, Jan Solicitors will always aim to avoid letting you go to court where possible but if not, we will defend your corner.

Our general process is one of initial negotiations between all parties, if this fails we will consult you on filing of a lawsuit. It is here when the case goes to court that it becomes litigation. From the start of court proceedings, the work done by your solicitor is referred to as litigation. Litigation will usually lead to a trial and appeals. You will find that having legal representation in litigation is very important. This is because sometimes there are legal issues that come up that simply cannot be resolved without going to the courts. This is never a first option for anyone, however if letters, mediation and phone calls from us to the other side are not enough, you may find that going to court is the best option.

We Will do all we can to make the process easier for you

Jan Solicitors ensures you get the right advice throughout the process, before and when you decide to go to court to resolve a civil matter. The processes and rules used in courts (from filing your case to the Civil Procedure rules) can be very complex and hard to understand for non-lawyers and getting it right is key as failure to do so can mean the end of your case. Having the right professional help is essential to getting the result you want.

Jan Solicitors is here to help with the litigation process – please contact us today, call or use our website chat option.

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